The Labovet

In 1991 began the activities of Labovet in Brazil, which from the beginning works with the focus on promoting animal health in a unique way. Walking with firm steps the laboratory has been developing and expanding its production. At the beginning the activities were fixed in the production of therapeutic and is the main goal of the company to become reference this manufacturing.

In such a little time, Labovet has demonstrated its strong potential in the market and began to be a reference to other laboratories, which also resulted in the expansion of the network of sales representatives and distributors, which are now scattered throughout Brazil at strategic points in order to maximize logistics, better serving customers.

Our mission is to provide quality products that meet customer needs, with a focus on animal health and the well of employees and environmental responsibility. For this, we work with values, such as ethics, respect, quality and transparency, with the vision to conquer, through collective efforts, the title of the best and most respected company in the market of veterinary products.

Nowdays we have 28 years of market and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement of each product, whether it will be directed to raising, breeding or to the pets, with main focus on vaccines. The company’s care reflected in every detail, from research to final product delivery. To rely on the work of Labovet is to be sure to be providing the best for your pet.


Labovet is committed to quality. The company’s growth over the years has also been reflected in the production line which now includes organic products, such as bacterial and viral vaccines, antiparasitic, stimulants, anti-inflammatory, and beautification products for pet animals.

With the expansion in the production line, the Labovet also expanded the distribution of its products. At first, the products had circulation only in the Northeast, but soon the products are now distributed throughout all the country, serving more effectively each client.

Always aiming to facilitate the life of the veterinarian doctor, the farmers and their consumers, Labovet maintains distribution centers in its plant in Feira de Santana-BA, and branches in Goiânia-GO and Valinhos-SP. It has a team of Sales Representatives and a network of trained and active distributors, that way covering the entire national territory, working to increasingly meet and even exceed the expectations of customers and consumers.

Beyond that, the laboratory works with competitive prices, combined with the high standard of production, resulting in a ratio of different benefit cost for the market. All products are manufactured by specialized professionals, using raw material imported and national origin, resulting in a production line of extreme quality and efficiency in all that it claims to do the animal, be pet, large or medium-sized.

Investments in quality include the detail. Everything is calculated and performed as accurately as possible to avoid contamination or changes that compromise the developed formulas. More than two decades of experience in the manufacture of veterinary products for the Brazilian Export and Market.
In addition to the animal health be ensured with the Labovet, owners and designers can also benefit from the quality of the laboratory that meets all the requirements of Brazilian law and International Standards, and make sure you are investing in a reputable company that actually offers a care essential to the life of their animals.

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