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Health and animal care are the main guides for the development of medication, vaccines and hygiene products of Labovet. Each of these products goes through a strict quality control that is intended to ensure the effectiveness of its applications and address the best animals pets, large and small animals.

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It is an oral anthelmintic broad spectrum, in the form of tablets, for use in dogs and cats.


Indicated for combating cestodes and nematodes that infect dogs and cats. Anti-helmínico spectrum: Indicated for the combat to the following nematodes and cestodes that affect dogs and cats: vulpis trichuris, spiralis Trichinella, Toxocara canis, toxocra cati, leonine Toxocara, Ancylostoma caninum, ancylostoma tubaeforme, echinococcus multilocularis, Dipylidium, taenia ovis, hydatigena taenia, taenia pisiformis, multiceps multiceps, Mesocestoides spp, Hydatigera taeniaformis and Joyeuxiella pasqualie.


Each tablets contains

Pyrantel pamoate…..144mg


Excipient q.s.p….660mg

How to use

Administer, orally, one tablet for every 10 kg of animal weight, in one dose or as veterinary suggestion. It may or may not be mixed with food, it is preferable that the animal is not stomach empty.


Each box contains 12 cartouches with four 660mg tablets each.


It has no contraindications, side effects, unwanted biological effects, incompatibility, and side effects when used following “DOSAGE AND HOW TO USE”.

It can be used by females at any stage of pregnancy or lactation and in puppies from four weeks. If the animal has fleas, it is recommended an additional treatment against them, because they are a Dipylindium caninum intermediate hosts.

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