It is a non-irritating cerumenolytic solution for cleaning the ear canal and the ear pinna of dogs and cats. It is indicated for maintenance cleaning and before the application of other drugs to treat external otitis. It performs proper hygiene and increases the efficacy of topical therapy, as it removes the excess of wax, assisting at the same time on infectious agents which prevent the contact of the medicament with the epithelium of the ear canal. It also has keratolytic and drying effects that aid in the healing and recovery of the ear epithelium as well as relieving itching and reducing unpleasant odors.


Each 100mL contains:
Salicylic Acid …………………….. 0.50g
Vehicle q.s.p ………………. 100.00mL


Apply 5-10 drops of the product in each auditory canal.
Topical use. Apply in the ear canal, massage the base of the ear in order to cover all epithelium with solution.
It can be used two to three times a week in the routine cleaning or before another therapeutic product.


Bottle with 100ml.


Does not present contraindications or side effects when the recommendations are respected. In case of signs of hypersensitivity, immediately discontinue use of the product. Avoid eye contact.
Store in a dry, cool site protected from the sunlight and away from children.
Follow the veterinarian’s instructions.

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