The Starvac vaccine is composed of Bacterin-toxoid consisted of cultures of C. Chauvoei, C. Botulinum type C and D, C. supticum, C. Noyi, C. perfringens type B, C and D and C. sordelli, inactivated by formaldehyde and adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide.


Starvac is indicated for cattle, sheep and goats in the prophylaxis of botulism, Gas Gangrene, Blackleg (Quarter Ill), Enterotoxemia, Pulpy Kidney Disease and Sudden Death of Ruminants.


Administer subcutaneously, observing aseptic usual care.

Cattle: 5 ml. 1st dose at 4 months of age and 2nd dose 4 weeks after the 1st immunization.
Sheep and Goats: 2 ml. Vaccinate lambs and goats at 30 days of age, repeat after 4 weeks.
Vaccinated animals should be revaccinated annually.
Other immunization schedules may be adopted at the discretion of the veterinarian.


Flasks of 50 ml (10 doses), 100 ml (20 doses) and 250 ml (50 doses)


Shake bottle before use / Use sterile needles and syringes / Do not vaccinate sick, parasitic, convalescent, undernourished or under stress conditions and pregnant goats (Adopt necessary precautions to manage females in gestation) / Preserve the vial before use / Use sterile needles and syringes / Disinfect the application site / At 2 ° C to 8 ° C / Concomitant use with substances or anti-inflammatory drugs may interfere with the development and maintenance of the immune response after vaccination.

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